The “YouTube Silver Creator Award” Award

Presented by mit-mit to:

BurgleCast (Universe Factory 35)

Turn-based puzzle game on a hex grid. Play as a jewel thief live streaming his exploits. Stay in the shadows of the security system to avoid being caught.

There are 4 quick tutorial stages, 7 regular stages, and 1 very optional final free-play stage. I recommend completing at least the tutorial plus one more stage (either London or Copenhagen) before rating the game. This should take 5-10 minutes at most. The entire game might take 30 minutes, but it depends a lot on how tricky you find the puzzles. Progress is saved when you complete a stage.

How it fits the theme (In the Shadows): the main mechanic is blocking beams of light to remain out of sight.

See the README for more info, including resolution options and cheat codes.