The “Raytracer” Award

Presented by siddhartha13 to:

Shadeshaper (the sun is a deadly laser)

Shadeshaper is a short puzzle game with 3 levels. Hold left click to place the light. It can't be near tiles, and will glow when the placement is valid. Once there is a valid placement, use A and D to move, and space to jump. The goal is to reach the green platform without touching the light. Press R to restart the level. Have fun!

Pygame and shapely are the required packages for this game. Use `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install them, or feel free to use another method. Python 3.11 is also technically required, but this can be bypassed by directly running the `main.pyw` file instead of `` (should work for most versions of Python).

Try making your own levels in the editor (``)! Left click to place tiles, middle click to place goal tiles, and right click to place the light. Use M to save the level. For now, the player position needs to be manually written in the .lvl file by replacing one of the tiles with P.

Please report any bugs/issues you have with the game in the Python discord! Feel free to mention/message me (ncro#0259).