The “"Fabulous Physics!" Award” Award

Presented by HanClinto to:

We will change the name later
Attempt to reach the peak of a never before climbed mountain using a specially designed pendular climbing machine. The PAC (Pendular Ascension Chamber) has an integrated cable gun, which will launch high-elasticity climbing lines. The HEC lines are each fitted with an automatic grappling iron which will latch on to any secure surface. Your challenge, is to climb in to your brand new PAC and use it to go where no man or machine has gone before, to the top of Knot Mountain.
Elite Bungie Chopper Squad (iDG United)
Drive a helicopter with a gunner suspended by a bungie cord through a warzone full of enemy helicopters, airplanes, and turrets.

KNOWN ISSUE: Game crashes when JIMMY (the final gunner is killed). Whoops.

SOLUTION: Become a master at the game, so that Jimmy never has to die. If you really must die, sacrifice the helicopter instead. Seriously, sorry about the error. It was a bug cause by a bug fix in the eleventh hour.