The “Destroyer of Buildings” Award

Presented by MrTanoshii to:

Mission Cobra-2 (Daring Devs)

Welcome to the command post of Mars Mission Cobra-2! You need to take control of the colony, build bases, extract and process natural resources, and use them to construct a rocket to launch to Mars's moon, Phobos. Watch your resources: run out of food or oxygen and the colony will perish! Good luck!

A game by Team Daring Devs!

Requires: arcade, scipy, numpy


  • Control the game using the mouse
  • Click to select options from the build menu and place them into the map

Credits: All game code, 3D models/artwork, music and most sounds were developed by the team during the jam. Credits for additional sfx and fonts in the

Running the game:
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
python src/

Game Soundtrack: