The “Name 4 words that start with "Sun"” Award

Presented by thp to:

Ares Firma (Universe Factory 34)

The young planet Mars is covered with oceans. Use solar radiation to boil them off. Do it quick, before life evolves and takes over! Check out the README for full controls and options.

There are 5 quick stages to introduce the mechanics, then a challenge stage, and a final optional bonus stage that's a little more fast-paced. The goal in each stage is to reduce ocean cover below 1%. There's no save game, but see the README to skip between stages as desired.

Completing the bonus stage doesn't get you anything but a score. Can you get lower than 1000 millionyears?

I recommend at least finishing the tutorial and trying the Challenge stage before rating the game. This should take about 5 minutes of gameplay.

How it fits the theme: This game depicts the story of how Mars became the red planet.

Requirements: pygame and numpy