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Xastro in the Xplanet (Smoktwix)

Xastro has crashed into the Xplanet.  Evil aliens are out to get him.

He must defend himself using robot shields before the aliens get to the bottom
of the screen and kill him. Xastro must use shields to stop the aliens.

Move Xastro using the arrow keys. New shields appear automatically.  Xastro can move
the shields around. Xastro can pick up a shield by going to the shield and hitting the "space"
key and then take the shield to the desired location and drop off the
shield by hitting the "space" key.  Shields degrade when hit by aliens and
after 3 hits the shields are completely destroyed.

There are a total of 165 aliens. To win Xastro has to stop all 165 aliens.

Be sure to go through the story of how Xastro ended up on Xplanet.