PyWeek - Game Development Resources (updated 2014-04-23)

The following are resources you might find useful in developing games:

PyWeek Help
How to be Successful at PyWeek and some Game Development Tips & Tricks
How to fail at PyWeek (slides)
PyGame wiki chock full of tutorials, game resourcesdistribution advice and more.
Big List of Indie Resources
Big List of Game Design
Game Mechanics Explorer
Royalty free music by inkaudio
Amit’s Game Programming Information contains a huge resource on game design and implementation
Game Accessibility Guidelines
A Whole Lot of PyGame Examples
Libraries: pygame (pgu), pyglet (cocos2d), Kivypysfml, Albow, pymunk

On frame rates, vsync and gameplay simulation.

Great video about good game design as illustrated by the Mega Man series (caution: contains swearing)

Pyxeledit is a pixel art, tile map, tile set and sprite sheet editor of awesomeness. It's inspired by Pixothello but is improved in many ways (not the least of which is it's cross-platform.)

Pixen is a really nice pixel art app for OS X but it doesn't have the same awesome tileset creation mode as Pyxeledit.

Here's a list of art asset creation tools I just found in my wandering :-)
If you have anything you think should be added to this list, please let me know in a comment!

When you're ready to promote your game, here's some tips on making an entertaining and engaging video game trailer.

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It's hard not to add this awesome link.

Pixel Prospector's Indie Resources
Email I got:

 I'm interested in providing music for games created during pyweek. All I ask is for a text link back to websites from the hackers who use my music or effects.
 The link should be like so:

 <a href=""> royalty free music by inkaudio </a>

 Let me know if you're interested. you can check out samples here :,  I have hundreds more.


Added a link to a great video about good game design as illustrated by the Mega Man series (contains swearing.)
Along the lines of "how to succeed/fail at Pyweek", one great resource is postmortem posts on this discussion board. You can find a bunch with a search for "postmortem", or if you find a game you like, look through its diary entries for a postmortem.
If you liked pixotello, you'll probably like ""
Oh, Willyfrog, you just made my day! :-)
Nice writeup of various approaches to 2D platformer games.
"Juice It Or Lose It" - an awesome presentation about making games more fun with very simple ideas.
"Designing a retro pixel-art tile-set" looks like a great tutorial.
Added Al Sweigert's Video Game Mechanics Mixer.
Also added link to the awesome Pyxeledit which replaces Pixothello.
I've found Amitp's website particularly interesting myself, it gives plenty of advice on topics such as pathfinding and procedurally landscape generation amongst others.
Added, thanks john!
Better late than never:
This article is probably one of the most useful I've ever read and is great for evaluating whether a game idea is good or not in advance.

And if you're interested in game development or the industry around it, you need to watch all of this:

Just all of it.
Thanks guys, I was searching fro these types of resources.
Added a link to Kivy.
Mekire's github account is full of great example code for pygame projects.  I'd suggest checking them out, especially the pygame concept examples:

[Mekire's github](
Whoops, I thought the forum used markup.  My mistake.
Added Game Mechanics Explorer (thanks reidrac) and a Whole Lot of PyGame Examples (thanks justinmeister).