Entries this user has been in:

14 Dr. Chemical's Lab yes 3.67
13 Perceptibly Sideways yes 3.77
12 Superjoe Software no 3.79

Awards this user has received:

Best adult ballpit simulator in a video game Presented by ChipX86 for Dr. Chemical's Lab

Most perfect tease award - I wanted to play this game soo badly until exception: AttributeError Presented by mihi for Perceptibly Sideways

The Really Excited Anthropomorphic Hot Dog Award Presented by PhillipNguyen for Superjoe Software

The Lemmings Award for embracing urban myths about rodent suicide Presented by mauve for Superjoe Software

Awards this user has created:

Tiny Plaid Ninjas Reference

Press the left mouse button to fire at the ducks... seriously.

Serving demons with ice cream, since PyWeek 2011

Most Epic Intro

Most literal interpretation of the theme

My final score was: 666

Most creative take on the theme

I forwarded a port in my router just for you.

Gave me goosebumps

Made me stay up WAY TOO LATE trying to beat Extreme