Christopher Night, Cambridge MA USA

Universe Factory games

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Entries this user has been in:

17 Universe Factory 17 no 4.29
16 Universe Factory 16 no 3.69
15 Team Nerd Paradise, v5 (MVF15) yes 3.90
14 Multiverse Factory 14 yes 3.48
14 Universe Factory 14 no 3.19
13 Universe Factory 13 no 4.32
12 Multiverse Factory yes 3.79
12 Universe Factory 12 no DNF
11 Universe Factory 11 no 4.27
10 Universe Factory 10 no 3.33
9 Universe Factory 9 no 3.19
8 Universe Factory 8 no 3.84
7 Team XKCD yes 3.01
6 Universe Factory no 3.01

Awards this user has received:

Best Antena Animation Presented by wezu for Universe Factory 17

Gold Award For Ambition Presented by pydsigner for Team Nerd Paradise, v5 (MVF15)

Puntastic! Presented by Luke for Multiverse Factory 14

Best use of Pirate-Caveman speech in a game. Presented by bitcraft for Universe Factory 13

This isn't spaghetti code, it's a spaghetti game. Presented by tnelsond for Universe Factory 13

Voldemort Prize for Spiritual Subdivision Presented by gcewing for Multiverse Factory

Protagonist Most Likely To Love the Powerglove Presented by mstrange for Multiverse Factory

super fun!!! Presented by Cody for Universe Factory 11

Most Gloriously Deranged Theme Presented by tartley for Universe Factory 11

Most appurtenant use of the word 'lucubrate' Presented by tartley for Universe Factory 9

Awesomest Acorns Ever Presented by pymike for Universe Factory 8

One more turn Presented by saluk for Team XKCD

Awards this user has created:

Need to go deeper

Don't cross the streams

The Circle of Life

Let the good times row

Vector animation extravaganza

Nice hat

Night of the living dead technology

Generously minuscule hitboxes

Phyllotactical advantage

Put a book in your book so you can read while you read

Fiercest jetpacking boffin

Very Loosely Based on a True Story

Eat me Drink me Grow me Shrink me

Least Irrelephant

Story time with shundread

Nobody Beats The Wiz

4 out of 5 adventurers recommend trident

Epicly epic epic

WIIIIIIDE SCREEEEEEN award for widest aspect ratio

What a piece of work

Smaller filesize than the above icon

Fiercest jetpacking conquistadores

Most diary entries a week before the contest starts

Championing the forces of righteousness

Briefcase MacGuffin Award

Most orrery-like

Best use of iambic pentameter