PyWeek - Don't mess with the PyN00b - feedback

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5 3 4

Wow, this game worked surprisingly well. Usually when you control two characters, there's the awkwardness of having to multitask, but playing this game it often felt like the two were one. I like how you have to defend the blind spots of the other ship and how sometimes you're focusing on one ship until you realize you made a lucky shot with the other ship. Graphics are simple but cool. My only complaint is that there could have been autofire. Excellent work.

5 4 3

I found this game very enjoyable. It takes that old school arcade style and adds a new dimension to it.

3 2 3

Bit of a tenuous link to the theme. I like the idea of the game, though, it really screws with my head.

4 4 4

Really fun little space-invaders style game. The double ships make for some interesting choices.

4 3 5

Modern classic.

3 4 3 yes

Good game, double control and game play was enjoyable. But there is no relationship to the theme.

2 2 3

restart game after gameover? also it was not clear from which directory it should bestarted

4 5 3

good fun game to play. The mechanic of two shooters though simple is very interesting.

4 4 3

Very nicely done game.

5 4 4

Awesome job! Only lacks some smashy 8-bit tune as background music. Maybe you could use just
one key to shoot with both ships? I've been hammering on both buttons simultaneously, anyway.
Thumbs up!

3 3 3

Nice game but not related to the theme... so I vote for disqualify.

2 4 4

My firing fingers got tired very quickly, so I couldn't play for long.

3 2 4 yes

Did not follow the theme of the challenge, but I like this game ;-)

5 4 4

Awesome game! Great idea, great execution. Kudos to you!

3 4 2

Not bad at all, if a bit repetitive. The control scheme is pretty annoying. Not the arrow keys but the fact that you have to keep pressing Z and X. Why not let us hold them down? Having nine waves and nine lives is not a very innovative way to use the theme.

3 4 3

Nicely polished. Innovative but didn't incorporate the theme strongly enough for my liking.

3 3 3

if you locate both your two starship in the down/right angle and you continuously shoot, you
are almost invincible.

2 2 1


4 4 3

liked the game.

3 3 1

I get the feeling I've played this game before.

4 3 4

Nicely done. Could have used some background music, but it's a game I'll be playing again soon.

4 4 4

Real good game like Space invaders. Great GFX.

Just add background music.

3 3 3

Not a bad game for first PyWeek! :)

I found it extremely challenging having to track the two axes, and constantly switch between them. I might have had a lot more fun if it started out slower; or had a nub setting so I could get used to it without getting dead so quick. Those guys sneaking up the sides! It's so obvious how to deal with them, but by the time I noticed them and reacted... well, my ship couldn't made the trek in time.

With a few more innovations and difficulty selections this could be an engaging upgrade on the classic formula.

Hope these comments help. :)

4 3 3

Soon you will need a 3D enabled keyboard to play... Oh, wait!

4 5 4

Brilliant, not my sort of game really but I enjoyed it anyway. Died on wave 5, will play again.

Hope to see you next time!

5 5 5

maybe this game lacks on innovation, but the production and fun is so beyond 'Exceptional', so
carefully made, i felt i should choose 'Exceptional' on innovation - it seems good games here
is a strong innovation attitude, which i applause strongly, and i think the other competitors
of this contest should follow this example. Davec shown us newbies can hugely
surprise us, and i also hope PyCon can bring here more talented game developers like him.

2 3 2

I like the idea of managing both horizontal and vertical ships. I wish they would auto-fire though. It was a pain mashing both x and z over and over again, especially on my dvorak layout. You pulled off the retro 8-bit style nicely.

Needs more gameplay ideas! Powerups, bosses, or something to change it up.