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Where do you need that large panda3d library???

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Overly fiddly controls

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It took me three days, two machines and three operating systems to get this game to work. Panda3D is not a happy dependency -- I couldn't get it going at all on MacOS or Linux and had to download over a hundred megabytes of assorted crud in the Windows VM after playing whack-a-mole with deceptive error messages. After all that, there didn't even seem to be any 3d stuff.

The game seems very unfinished. Is there any purpose to firing feathers besides crashing the game if it's done on the starting square?

All in all, certainly not worth the effort I went to to make it work.

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The game crashes if I use the left or right keys.
The chicken control system needs some work.
I did like the multiple flap idea, however it was poorly implemented. Multiple flaps have different strengths dependent on proximity to a wall. :( frustration. Why does the chicken want the egg anyway, can't it lay another?

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No readme.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 14, in <module>
from gamebase import *
File "C:\dev\uber1\shared\games\test3\mfp\src\", line 1, in <module>

which suggests that an absolute path was hard coded.

And these are inside compiled files which I can't change!

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Well, not too bad. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Did not work - also no readme as reference to what libaries might be missing.

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What is Panda3D, and how to install it? And what for do i need a 3D library on a 2D game?

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But why panda3d?

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I haven't been able to get panda to work on my system.

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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1867, in <module>
File "", line 1864, in start
File "", line 1859, in __init__
File src\", line 262, in run
File "c:\tools\Panda3D-1.6.2\direct\showbase\", line 2423, in run
File "c:\tools\Panda3D-1.6.2\direct\task\", line 471, in run
File "c:\tools\Panda3D-1.6.2\direct\task\", line 429, in step
File "src\", line 277, in _ontask
File "src\", line 272, in _onframe
File "src\", line 296, in _updatephystasks
File "src\", line 266, in _onsim
File "src\", line 17, in notify
File "", line 749, in _onsim
File "src\", line 17, in notify
File "", line 1247, in _update
File "", line 873, in collide
elif isinstance(t,graviblock):
NameError: global name 'graviblock' is not defined

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I think the controls just got to me in this platform game. Double-jumping seemed to be a vital skill for the first level and I just couldn't get that to work consistently for me.