Is jackfruit suitable to eat during pregnancy?

One of the popular opinions is that jackfruit is a kind of fruit that increases body heat and can cause miscarriage because it increases bowel movements, which indirectly triggers premature contractions and thus leads to childbirth.

However, many gynecologists believe that all fruits and vegetables can be consumed during pregnancy, but in moderation. Therefore, if you are a fan of jackfruit and are not allergic to it, you can continue to taste its taste, but remember to consume it in moderation.

People with a history of cardiovascular disease or being treated should avoid this fruit because of its high calorie content.

Pregnant women with weak stomachs should be very careful when consuming this fruit because it can cause stomach upset due to its high fiber value.

If this is your first time eating, please be careful, because some people may be allergic to this fruit. If you know this fruit well and have not had an allergic reaction before, please continue. Similarly, the ingredients in this fruit can cause faster blood clotting, which is why women with a history of heart disease avoid consuming jackfruit seeds during pregnancy.

Some jackfruit recipes are about to be discussed, but if you don’t want to cook, here are some foods made with jackfruit that you can choose online or buy from the market.

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