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Why did you autotune the Pragma screaming?

It worked for T-Pain and it will work for us!!

Those "cat's" look like children in teddy bear suits?

Pragma was a very strange old lady.

Why is Pragma's house an empty plot of gardening soil?

Pragma was a very strange old lady

Is this game really a metaphor for something else?


I hate your face

Sir, that is not a question.

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When run from source I get:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 114, in 
    if __name__ == '__main__': main()
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 111, in main
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 90, in update
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 69, in on_update
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 19, in update
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 147, in on_update
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 201, in update
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 31, in update
    Actor.update(self, dt)
  File "c:\downloads\PyWeek 8\bregma\source\", line 190, in update
    self.body.apply_impulse(force_for_velocity(self.body.velocity, (self.vx*self.speed*self.speed_multiplier, self.vy*self.speed*self.speed_multiplier), 1, self
TypeError: apply_impulse() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)
The Windows executable works though.

Are the font and the music your own creations? It is not mentioned in the readme, so I assume they are. Both are nice! I also like the hose mechanics, although that's Chipmunk if I'm not mistaken.

@cyhawk: Get the newest version of pymunk.

And a gameplay hint: Play for a few minutes, then lose - you're meant to see the ending :)

This game is a metaphor for what?

Do I hate your face?