disqualify / theme

guys, i know no one ever got disqualified, but either we remove the theme from the competition, or we adhere to the theme. based on that idea, im disqualifing entries that did not follow the theme in some way.

theres still time to make me change my mind with some comments :)

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hm, i was relaxed with the theme, but just had to DQ two entries... I read-info /tested the ones I DQed escpecially careful. I'm afraid of getting DQed myself lol
The only ones I thought were especially good did make an effort to incorporate the theme, so it's not a problem as far as I can see. The only bad thing about disqualification is that you could have won, but didn't because of cheating. If a simple entry (most likely a beginner) couldn't have won anyway, it's not a big deal. I say cut them some slack.
One suggestion I had heard was to apply a 1 point penalty to each category for games that egregiously ignore the theme. Either that, or we introduce a new category, "use of theme".
I like the idea of "use of the theme" it would lead to a fairer contest
I agree this needs to be re-evaluated. Right now the application of this rule is terribly inconsistent: some people decrease scores, some people tick the DQ checkbox and some people just mention it in the comments.
I'd like to second (or third) the addition of a rating for "follows/incorporates theme". I didn't even think about DQing people for not following the theme; but probably would be likely to give them a lower innovation score. Usually it wasn't a problem though; my favorite entries were twisted anyway :). Some people are better at, or care more about, incorporating the theme; for others, it's enough challenge just to try to make something fun that works and looks good in a week, so DQing them seems a bit harsh. Definitely would be good to have your score in the end reflect how well you follow the theme though, in a more official way. Adding a category for that is the right way to do it.
A Use of Theme category was suggested last time round, but Richard rejected it. His attitude seems to be that the purpose of the theme is to stimulate ideas rather than impose a restriction.

I really don't care that much -- and going by the quantity of DQ votes during judging, you lot don't either :)

I can only remember about two entries that didn't include the theme at all and those were either unfinished or no real games, so I didn't care.

Many entries included the "Twisted"-theme in a rather loose way. Sometimes I had to take a look a the README or get pretty far in the game to find something twisted. It would seem odd if people got DQ votes or a low "Use of Theme"-rating just because the player didn't have the time to take a closer look at the entry.

If all teams ignore the theme then something should be done about it (no idea what should be done.. heh) - but until then themes should be our friends and just help us to get a game idea. ;)